"The Lord saved me at a young age, during a turbulent time in my life. The household I grew up in was marked by poverty, strife and tribulation. The Lord gave me a hope to be defined by His Word, His life, His love rather than my circumstances. My grandfather is a Baptist preacher at a small church in Dallas, Tx. My family attended church services on major Christian holidays for several years. Upon conversion, at age 9, I had such a passion to attend church and learn about God. I would ride the church transportation and attend with family members; any way I could get there, I would go. My time at my grandfather’s church really formed my foundation of bible knowledge. Our Baptist Training Union (BTU) really encouraged my faith through games like, bible baseball, bible sword drill, and learning books of the bible.

The Lord brought me to the Village Church in Denton my sophomore year in college. He has blessed and grown me in enormous ways since I joined this local church. I almost immediately begin serving in the Little Village preschool ministry, became a member and joined my first homegroup. Soon after that, I began to serve as a communion coordinator for one of the Sunday morning services.  After some time and much growth, I began leading a single women’s homegroup. The Lord has given a good framework for what biblical community looks like through the Village Church. I have been immersed in rich biblical teaching under the leadership of Matt Chandler and now primarily, Beau Hughes. After several years serving the church in an informal capacity, I am beyond excited to come on staff as an intern, taking a season to really learn how to better care for the people of our church, our community and be apart of what the Lord is doing throughout the world."