The Great Commission was always meant for ordinary people. The King of kings has given us a role in His story. Alana has a desire to empower the broken hearted with the Good News, that Christ meets us there in the brokenness. As well as a growing desire to train and equip leaders in discipleship, and to grow in love for 'the least of these'. The Lord has provided a unique opportunity for her to sow into the Kingdom of God but she can not do it alone...



Her Story

Alana has been a believer in Christ for 15 years. The Lord has, through wave after wave of great difficulty in life, shaped her into a mature follower of Christ with a heart for the lost and the broken. She has a background in lay counseling in an informal setting but has the unique opportunity to join The Village Denton Lay Counseling ministry where she will continually build those who are struggling up in love and point them towards the hope we have in Christ.

About Me  

The Vision

 As believers in Christ we are all called to personal ministry. That is, we are called to minister to our spouses, our children our coworkers, our friends. For some, there is a call to ministry on a corporate level, like pastoral ministry, and to be elders or deacons. This internship creates the space to see the planning, prayer and preparation that takes place Monday through Friday so that Sunday can be a time of worship for many. We go into it with a specific hope...

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